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Journal Review Week 15

Unfortunately life must go on and this week is our last meeting in semester for Visual Culture. For sure, the topic that delivered by my lecture was as crusial as last week in the end of semester which was talked about the internet. We can say right now our life is all cover from the high information and technology of the internet, then there is something that touch in my mind. I do not what is going to be happened if the internet die in all over the world even only for a second. There must be a lot of trouble come as nightmare to all people.

Nowadays, all of the elements of life has covered by high technology called internet. Internet has offered us everything related to every single things about information. As the time past by, the internet is always growing become better, better and even best in giving the information. These age is the right time for the programmer to develop their skill in creating apps, software and everything. The most influence application right now for the people is the social networking. Since in these media we can do all the things like socialize, advertising, sharing the information and everything. (lebih…)


Journal Review Week 14

Unwittingly, this session is the two last session before we have done with Visual Cultures Course. In the 14th meeting, I could learn more about art in many ways. Art is much influence to our daily life. In usual case art can determine as the object that has aesthetic edge. But in this case art is the way to express the freedom to speak. In huge meaning art also can determine as the way to reject or protest with the government’s policy. Here, in this session after I watched the documentary film of Ai Wei Wei, it tells me how art also obtain in the way the reject the federal’s policy.

Ai Wei Wei is a contemporary artist who comes from Tiongkok, China. He is an artist, who cares in recycling things, he most likes to make an project of art from the materials that have been unused. There are many ways that Ai Wei Wei expresses his idea of art like through the painting, sculpture, design, photography, and film. He has few big galleries in China. Also he has a company of sunflower seed. Many projects of art that has mode by himself and also the collaboration with many artists in the world. (lebih…)

Journal Review Week 13

Today’s topic is about the country where I live, where I spent my love with. The topic is Indonesian Visual Cultures. Overall, Indonesia has many cultures that really influence by the religion and faith. For sure, there are still many cultures too that is not really influenced by the religion and faith like dangdut and martial art (Pencak Silat).

In Indonesia, if you ask people here what is special music from this country? Most people will answer dangdut. Also, most of Indonesian provides dangdut music in their event like wedding event and other else. Dangdut is one of the music genres in Indonesia that really famous in Indonesia. Dangdut is the music that get good approaches to Indonesian because ther root of it is coming from the Malay music. Dangdut was started its existences in 1960s. The Malay rhytm is the most rhythm that covers in these music genres, but for sure this rhythm still influenced by India and Arab Music. Along with the development of Indonesia, dangdut also get influence to be changed in some rhythm. (lebih…)

Journal Review Week 12

It is such awesome week for me since in the class we had watched a documentary video which overall discuss about object, this object of course has its design and functions. Now a day, China is one of the powerful countries in the world that can produce many of objects, let us say for the simple thing like scissors, cutter, etc. Any kind of engineers get involved in making innovation of design of the product. Starts from the one who is focusing on making design using computer till people who work on the machine to produce the product. Absolutely, those afford is supported by technology.

People argue all of the objects or products in the world had invented in the past. Now in twentieth century, people just do like the innovation of the product to make it always exists and being crucial. Those thing happen because its the design is renewed for period of time by the designer. Design can have big effect in live because the design can be really big consideration for people to have goods or another thing. (lebih…)

Journal Review Week 11


Today was the shortest class ever for Visual Culture, whereas this sessio has good topic which is photography. Well, for this time I am going to review the material from what I noted from the class presentation and what I read from the article that have provided in the blog. Let us jump to the materials.

Photography was invented before the mid ages of 19th century. The first pratical of photography was in 1839, where the purpose is to prove, identifification, and inform of the pictures of people, places, and things. The photography also has an art movement which is Realism that mean the picture resemble the real. The photography should has an objectives view of pictures. (lebih…)

Journal Review 10

Let’s start with the story of Pablo Picasso, this great painter lived in confusion of world like Germany Bombs and Spanish Civil War. He was one of modern painter in 1920. Piscasso’s wife was really inspire him to paint. Her name was Mari Therese. Through this inspiration Picasso could create new modern movement art called cubism. We can also called him as an activist since he care to remove all of the anarchy systems of government and poverty in Spain.

In picasso era there were lived many painter who has really scary picture in presenting their painter. This scary painting came up through their combining of radical politics and radical painting. Fransisco Goya was one of mentioned painter, he was the darkest genius painter who ever live.

After long time, Picasso fall into politics world. He succed to make his painting with political message. Fortunately, he could find someone else when Mari Threse was death. Still, she became Picasso’s imagination to paint. Her name was Dora Maram.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) | Week 9


Pop art is an art movement that common use is the mid- 1950s in britain and in the late 1950s it was expanded to United States. Pop art depicted the big movement of traditional art by including imagery from popular culture. Pop art has aspects of mass culture, such as advertising, cultural objects, and comic books. The goal of pop art is to employ images of popular as opposed to elitist culture in art. It is also associated with the artists’ use of mechanical means of reproduction or rendering techniques. One of the consider museum that has many work of pop art is Museum of Modern Art.

This museum is located in New York, the art movement from this museum is that Pop Art. MoMa was established in 1920. This museum initiated by three patrons, they are Miss Lillie P. Bliss, Mrs, Cornelius J. Sullivan and Mrs. Jhon D. Rockefeller. At the first this museum was so full of the traditional policies. After that those three person come and wanted to challenge the conservative polices of traditional museum and establish an institution in modern art. Right now, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) regularly conducted the active schedule of medern art and contemporary exhibition. (lebih…)